Learn From Experts: How to use 26AS reconciliation to claim maximum credits

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Date: Thursday, 15th February 2024 | Time: 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM


TDS applies to a wide range of transactions, requiring firms to deduct tax on specific types of payments and deposit it in the government's account. This entails regular compliances, which are a huge burden for Indian enterprises. TDS compliance is a never-ending procedure that includes PAN verification, tracking lower deduction certificates, determining Section 206AB application, preparing for TDS filing, and monthly/quarterly 26AS reconciliations.

This webinar provides an overview of Form 26AS, including recommended practices for 26AS reconciliation, the issues involved, and how integrated SaaS-based solutions can help ease 26AS reconciliation.

Points that will be discussed:

  • What is 26AS?

  • What is 26AS Reconcilation with books of account?

  • Necessity for reconciliation

  • Complexities in reconciliation

  • How cleartax can help

  • How can one benefit from the reconciliation.

  • Live QnA

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Our Speaker

A chartered accountant with a stronghold on Direct taxes with providing consultancy and compliance advisory. Also an enthusiast with tech with a motive to automate maximum processes to provide ease to users. Currently working on TDS and 26AS recon and software development. In past, have experience of statutory and internal audit, handling group finances and finalization of books of accounts. Additionally have experience of working in sectors like real estate, automobiles and manufacturing

Mr. Vipul Poddar

Tax Expert, Clear